Connected. Wherever the world takes you.

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The world’s first ultra-rugged SIM-less 4G hotspot with built-in light, power and connectivity.

CANDL One keeps you connected in 150+ countries without the hassle of SIM cards or the high cost of roaming fees. Pay a low flat rate per GB and use your data when and where you want.

SIM-less service in

Low flat rate Per Gigabyte of Data in 150+ Countries.

Our SIM-less CANDL Connect™ service is the simplest and easiest to understand data plan on the planet. You pay one low, flat rate per GB for data. Use your data in any of 150+ countries. That’s it.

No streaming caps. No confusing terms and conditions. No SIM cards. No hidden fees.

How it Works:

SIM cards are required to access a cellular network. But with CANDL One, we are using a new “virtual SIM” technology, which means we remotely pair the right SIM card in our cloud-based SIM Library to your device depending on where you are in the world.

CANDL Connect lets you travel the world and stay connected without the hassle of performing open-heart surgery on your smartphone to change out SIM cards. Even if you have a locked smartphone, you can connect with peace of mind that you won’t rack up hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars in roaming fees.

It’s the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to stay connected around the world.



Built-in Features

  • 4G Network

    Connect at 3G or 4G speeds in more than 150 countries around the world on local networks without roaming fees.

  • SIM-Less

    Simply turn CANDL One on and it’ll automatically connect to the local network. No SIM cards needed!

  • WIFI

    Connect up to 10 devices to CANDL One. No more choosing favorite devices.

  • Security

    Instead of relying on public WIFI, CANDL One offers a more secure internet connection.

CANDL One is an ultra-rugged global 4G hotspot designed for global travel, cars, emergencies, and any rugged outdoor environment.

CANDL One fits perfectly into your pocket or backpack, and is completely controlled by the accompanying CANDL Connect app. Put it in your vehicle as the perfect LTE retrofit device, or keep it at home for light, power and connectivity in an emergency.


Life is an Adventure.

Your electronics should be Adventure-RatedTM

CANDL One was designed with real life in mind by bringing you light, power and connectivity when and where you need it. Its rugged design allows you to throw it in your backpack, cargo pocket or luggage.

You don’t have to worry if you spill a drink on the device or accidentally get it wet at the beach. We bring our devices with us everywhere, and when designing CANDL One, we wanted to build it so it could withstand real life.

Product Details

  • Ruggedized Protective Shell
  • External SIM Slot (Optional SIM Card or use SIM-less network
  • 20 Amp-Hour Battery
  • Integrated high-gain antennas for extra range
  • Dual waterproof USB 3.0 Ports
  • Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM Processor
  • Lamp remotely controlled with smartphone

Ultra-Rugged Hardware Design

  • Shock proof

    Military-Grade Hardware: CANDL One meets MIL-STD-810G standards for shock and vibration, which means you can drop it on a concrete floor from 4 feet.

  • Water proof

    IP67 Rating: CANDL One meets NEMA IP67 standards for water and dust, which means you can drop it in the pool or lake without freaking out.

  • Extreme Temperatures

    CANDL One is designed to operate in almost every environment ranging from -20C (-4F) to +60C (140F). It’ll work great whether you’re skiing in the Alps or suffering through the hottest July day in Phoenix.

Take complete control of your data usage right on your smartphone.

Our smartphones love WIFI. When we connect our smartphones to WIFI networks, apps sometimes upload or download hundreds of megabytes without us even knowing it. The CANDL Connect App gives you complete control over what devices and apps connect, how much data they use, and what websites or services they can use. Instead of turning off apps one by one on your device, you can control what data gets uploaded or downloaded through the CANDL Connect App.



    Not sure what network you’re operating on, or how good your connection is? Not any more with CANDL One. See your local network name, signal strength, and even test your speed right from the app.


    Allow or deny devices to share your connection. Share your WIFI password securely and easily between devices.


    Allow or deny devices, apps, and services like streaming video. Set time limits for devices so the kids actually go to sleep.


    Track how much power you’re using and how much you have left.

Life can be Unpredictable

CANDL is the device you want with you in an emergency.

The power goes out in your home. A tornado. A hurricane. An earthquake. A wildfire. Disasters and emergencies happen. CANDL One ensures you will always have light, power, and connectivity for your mobile devices even if you’re without power for days.

One thing we worry about when the power goes out is how to keep our smartphone charged. With CANDL One and it’s powerful 20,400 mAh battery, you can charge your device up to 6-7 times, making sure you can still stay connected.

How we compare

  • SIM-Less Hotspots
  • SIM-Less & Rugged Hotspots
  • Ruggedized Hotspots
  • GlocalMe G2SkyRoam
  • BRCKAT&T Unite Explore
  • SIM-Less Global 4G

  • Ruggedized

  • Data Plan

    $33/GB $10/Day (350MB limit) $10/GB Requires User SIM 2-YR AT&T Contract
  • # Countries

    108 100+ 150+ Roaming Only
  • # WIFI Devices

    5 5 10 20 15
  • Power Bank

    6,000 mAh 3,000 mAh 20,400 mAh 8,000 mAh 4,340 mAh
  • Unlocked SIM Slot

  • Extended Range

    Integrated High-Gain Antennas External Antenna Port External Antenna Port
  • Mobile App

  • Lamp

Our Mission:

Help bring connectivity to one million disaster survivors and refugees  by 2020.

At CANDL, we believe connectivity is a human right.

We started CANDL with the idea that we could bring connectivity to the people who need it most – the disconnected, displaced, and distressed.

This includes our friends and family members who need our help when a disaster strikes in our home town, as well as refugees and disaster survivors on the other side of the world. Together, we’re all Global Citizens, and we can all help each other through the gift of connectivity.

Our social mission to bring one million people who have lost everything back online is what drives us to build the most durable, rugged, and feature-rich devices on the market.

Every purchase of a CANDL device or data package helps us achieve this challenging yet extremely important goal.